Creating A Simple Porch Garden

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For years I’ve loved the idea of having a garden but never really had the space to plant one in my yard, so I started using pots to grow a small porch garden. It’s fairly simple to grow herbs, some veggies and beautiful flowers in containers. Containers give you a lot of versatility to create a porch garden, balcony garden, and even and indoor garden.

What Can You Grow?

It depends on where to live, how much sunlight you get and how much attention you want to give your plants but some of the most popular and easiest plants to grow are:


  1. thyme
  2. chives
  3. mint
  4. sage
  5. parsley
  6. oregano
  7. rosemary
  8. basil


  1. Tomatoes
  2. Potatoes
  3. Summer Squash
  4. Lettuce
  5. Radishes
  6. Peppers
  7. Cucumbers


  1. Sunflowers
  2. Zinnia
  3. Marigolds
  4. Pansies
  5. Geraniums
  6. Petunias
  7. Mandeville
  8. Hydrangeas
  9. Chrysanthemums
  10. Begonias
  11. Impatiens

What Supplies Do You Need?

A Container – You can use an old bucket, clay pots, plastic container of even build your own wooden container. Really anything that can hold soil and drain water will work.

Potting Soil – A good soil is the foundation for a healthy garden, invest in a high quality organic potting soil from a local greenhouse.

Plants – You can choose to start your plants from seeds or buy seedlings.

Potting Tools – It can be very helpful to have a small shovel, watering can and gloves.

Fertilizer – A good fertilizer can help your plants thrive.

How to Care for Your Plants

To have a thriving container garden there are a few steps you need to follow.

Water Frequently – Potted plants need watering more frequently. Daily or sometimes even multiple times a day.

Proper Drainage – Improper drainage can cause your soil to become too wet and the roots of your plants can rot which causes the plant to die.

Proper Light – Some plants like full sun while others prefer partial sun. Make sure you give your plants to proper amount of sunlight.

Feed Plants – The vast majority of plants will need fertilizer added to your soil, in order to thrive.

Good Neighbors – Some plants play well together and some do not. If you are planting multiple types of plants in one container make sure they have the same sun, soil and water requirements.

Read the Label – Most plants/seeds have very helpful information about the type of plant and care needed for the plant.

I hope this helps you get started with your container garden. Remember it can take some trial and elimination to figure out what type of garden works best for you. I know it’s taken me many years and a lot of sad plants to figure out what works for me. One of my first gardens was a deck garden where I grew tomatoes, peppers, and many herbs. Today I primarily grow herbs and flowers because I don’t have as much time to dedicate to vegetables but I still love planting new seedlings every spring.

If you want to get the whole family involved I have a selection of Garden Books for Kids that may help spark an interest in gardening.

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