5 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Organization

We have a decent size kitchen but I love being able to optimize every square inch of my cabinets. I used to think you had to have a custom built kitchen to achieve prime organization but I’ve learn that I can make my pre-fab kitchen cabinets work for all of my organizational needs, by simply adding a few affordable items.

Baking Sheet/Cutting Board Organizer

I use this mDesign organizer to easily store my baking sheets, cutting boards and wire racks.

Expandable 3-Tier Spice Shelf

I love this expandable spice shelf, it makes finding my spices very easy.

Pan and Pot lid Organizer

Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Drawer Oraganizers


I have every one of these items (or something very similar) and it makes the world of difference to have an organized kitchen.



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