New House Update

So we finally got our closing date, March 30th, Good Friday. Our original projected closing day was February 2nd, so we’re just about 2 months behind schedule. Some of the delays were due to weather but some most of it is just things fell behind because they are building so many houses at the same time.

We aren’t working with a realtor, which we kind of regret but at this point it’s too far in the game and builder won’t agree to letting us bring one on. Anyway, the only reason we wish we had a realtor is because we are concerned about forgetting something important. Luckily, we have several friends that work in some field of home buying and they’ve offered us some good advice.

In the past two weeks they pretty much completed the exterior siding and drywall. So from this point on it’s all the interior details like trim work, cabinets, tile and flooring. And of course the driveway and landscaping outside still need to be done. We stop by frequently to check in on the progress and so far all of the work has been done very well, so we are pleased with the quality of work even though it’s taken longer.

I’m sort of overwhelmed by all the stuff we had to do before the move but thankfully Joe is tackling one thing at a time and I just weigh in every once in a while. The process of building a house is long and tedious but especially when you have no idea what you’re doing! Honestly, I think we’re doing OK.


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