Big Trip Announcement

Guys, I can hardly contain myself! We have been planning a big trip for our family for over 2 years. (A pandemic delayed it by a year but it’s finally happening.)


We’ve started the countdown to Disney World and it will be here before we know it. I love planning trips and this one has been especially fun to plan. Over the next few weeks as we gear up to go on our first ever family trip to Disney World I will be sharing our plans, things we’ve bought for the trip and all the things we’ve done to prepare. But first here are the basic details of our trip.

When: September 19-26

Where: Staying at the Disney Beach Club Resort

Who: Our family of 6 + my parents

Why: Because we’ve never been and my boys want to do all the Star Wars stuff.

Watch the video where we share our exciting news and the details of our long awaited trip.


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