Weekly Meal Plan

The long weekend threw me off a little with my plan and getting it posted but I made one. Even with the chaos that I encountered last week when my slow cooker died I still managed to make meals every night. I had to get creative and juggle some meals around but I made it work. The great thing about having a meal plan is flexibility. When creating my meal plan I always take into consideration our schedule for the week. Which days do we have evening activities and need quick, easy meals and which nights can we slow down. Sometimes you just have to get creative so everyone gets fed and all the things get done. This week is a short and busy week but I’ve got a plan.

I used my printable meal plan and wrote out our meals for the week.


Sunday – Pot Roast

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Pesto Pasta with tomatoes

Wednesday – Honey Chicken, Veggies and Rice

ThursdayBeef and Vegetable Soup

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Burritos


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