Mom Hacks I Wish I’d Figured Out Sooner

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Moms are some of the most creative and inventive people on the planet. They are always thinking of better, faster and more efficient ways to do thing. I’m constantly in awe of some of the genius things moms come up with. If there’s a way to make life a little bit easier I’m all in.

I’d like to share some of my favorite mom hacks. Some of these I’ve picked up along the way from trial and error others I’ve had taught to me by other moms. Use these hacks to make your day go a little smoother and share the wisdom with all the other moms!

Remove soiled onesies from the top.

Did you know that the little folds at the top of the onesie are designed so you can removed it from the top down. This is particularly helpful when baby has a massive blowout.

Keep diapers in every room

I know they aren’t aesthetically pleasing to look at but keeping a pack of diapers and wipes in each room (where baby spends time) saves you so much energy. You never know when baby will need a quick change. Buy a small basket or diaper caddy and stock it with diapers, wipes and a changing pad and save yourself some time.

Pack outfits in Ziploc bags when traveling

By packing outfits together in individual Ziploc bags it makes getting little ones ready a breeze. By packing each outfit separately you can just grab a bag and get the kids dress, no digging around in suitcases to find matching outfits or a pair of socks. Plus, older kids can grab a bag and get dressed on their own, saving you some time in the morning.

Turn any cup into a sippy cup

These silicone spill proof lids slide easily over  most cups making for an instant sippy cup. They are easy to clean and can easily pop in your diaper bag for use anywhere.

Use a pizza cutter to easily cut up food

Pizza cutters aren’t just for pizza. You can use a pizza cutter to cut up quesadillas, sandwiches, pancakes, chicken nuggets….

Store plastic bags in your car for emergency messes

Take a few of those left over grocery bags and stuff them in your car. They are great for messy emergencies like diaper blowouts or mud puddles.

Toy Rotation

Sort your child’s toys into categories: blocks, dolls, trucks, cooking, etc. Place each category into large plastic storage bins and label them. Leave 1 or 2 categories out for the kids to play with for a few weeks and store away the other bins. After a few weeks or month rotate out the toys. Kids will play with the toys they have more and will be elated to play with toys they haven’t used in a while.

Serve lunch in a muffin tin

A fun way to serve kids lunch is by placing different small bites into a muffin tin. Add some of their favorite snack foods and you have a quick and easy lunch. Some of our favorites are cut up deli meet, cheese, fresh fruit, crackers, dried fruit, chips and veggies.

Keep a busy bag in your purse/diaper bag/car.

Place small toys, books, crayons, paper and other small kid friendly items in a zipper pouch. Keep it in your purse or diaper bag for times when little ones have to wait like at a restaurant or doctors office. These little toys will keep little hands busy while you wait.

Stop automatic toilets from flushing with post-it notes

It can be traumatizing for little ones that are potty training when the automatic toilet flushes while they are still trying to go. Simply place a small post-it note over the sensor until your little one has finished going to keep the toilet from flushing.

Use a mesh laundry bag to keep little socks together in the wash

Place all of your little ones tiny socks into a mesh laundry bag to wash and dry them together. Not only does this make it easier to find the matches when you’re folding laundry but it also prevents lost socks.

Put footless pajamas on kids backwards to keep them from removing clothes or diapers

If you have a little one that likes to remove their clothes or worse their diaper at night consider putting footless pajamas on backwards. (Bonus tip: always buy zipper pajamas, no one wants to deal will snaps when you have to change a diaper in the middle of the night.)

Use a stroller hook as an handle to keep kids close by and to store extra items

Use a simple carabiner or stroller hook on the handle of your stroller. This acts as an extra place to store water bottles, bags or jackets… plus it can double as a handle for small children to stay with the stroller.

I’m sure there are more mom hacks that I’m forgetting but these are a few of my top ones.

What are your favorite mom hacks?

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