Real Women Eat Steak


real women eat steak

When I was growing up eating steak was considered unladylike.

And Ribs or Chicken Wings… well that was completely disgusting.

Women ate grilled chicken breasts with a side of veggies. Or small salads with light dressing. Or just glass of Diet Coke. Basically, it was considered unladylike to eat in public.

For years I ordered my boring chicken breast with a side of boring steamed carrots every time we dined out. It was boring.

Who decided that chicken was the appropriate food for women and that steaks were too manly? Was it a calorie counting thing? Is it too mess? Is using a knife at the table too dangerous?

Then I discovered that steak tastes awesome, and so are ribs and wings. Screw being ladylike, eat a steak. Real Women Eat Steak.



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