Potty Training Set Backs

We had a few good weeks of a potty trained 3 year old. Then we moved and all of our months of work went out the window. Full on tantrums. Refusal to go potty. Battle of wills. Loads of wet pants. 

Uggg. I’m exhausted.

I know he has had a really hard time transitioning with the move but we worked so hard to potty train and I thought for sure we had it. Then we throw in a major change like moving and my kid has a complete meltdown. 

I mean I get that he might have accidents because he’s uncomfortable with the move but it’s so much more than just potty training. He’s exerting his will power and whenever we ask him to do anything he refuses or says he can’t. I am really trying to be patient with him and understand that this transition is extremely difficult for such a little guy but it’s wearing on me.

Should we put him back in pull-ups? Let him continue to wet himself? He doesn’t seem at all phased by peeing in his pants. He’s not embarrassed or all that uncomfortable. I’m trying to not get upset at him but it’s the blatant disobedience that gets me riled up. 

Have you ever experienced discipline issue in a child during a big transition? How did you handle it?

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