Printable Sight Words List + Activity Ideas

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I have 2 boys that are learning to read. They are both at different stages of reading but we are constantly reviewing sight words. I have compiled a list of some of the more frequently used sight words to use for review.

Download Free Sight Word List Printable

Here are a few ways we use the Sight Word List:

  1. Minute Reading – I set a timer for 1minute and challenge each child to read through the list. Once they’ve reached 1 minute we stop and mark their stopping place with a small dot. We continue this same process each day until we finish the sheet. Then we start over and see if we can read more words within the same 1 minute time limit. My son likes this because he doesn’t get as overwhelmed when he knows we have a stopping time. He also likes to see that he can best his previous 1 minute record.
  2. Matching Game – I took a few of our sight words and wrote them on cards, twice. This gives me 2 cards for each word. I only write about 15 words (30 cards total) to keep the game manageable. Ater mixing up the cards I place them face down on the table and we take turns find the matching word. Each player must read out loud the word when they flip it over. The player with the most cards wins. (I colored the back of my cards so you can’t read through the back)
  3. Go Fish – Using the same sight words cards from the matching game, I thoroughly mix them up. Each player gets 4 cards. The rest of the cards are placed face down in a pile in the middle of the players.  Player 1 asks the other player if they have one of the words in their hand. I the other player does not they say “go fish” and draw a card from the pile. The goal is to find the match to as many words as possible. The player with the most matching words wins.

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