Printable Halloween Card + Juicy Waters

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In preparation for Halloween like making Halloween cards for our family and friends. The boys have really been into pop-up cards lately so I decided to create a fun pop-up Jack-o-lantern card. The card is black and white so kids can customize the card. This fun card is easy to cut out and fold just follow the directions below to create your own jack-o-lantern Halloween card.



STEP 1:  Color your Halloween Card as desired, remember the jack-o-lanterns on each side will eventually become one jack-o-lantern. (don’t forget to color the bats on the inside of the card!)

STEP 2: Cut out the card.  Follow the outer lines and carefully trim around the pumpkin design.

STEP 3: Fold the card.  Start by folding the both side of the jack-o-lantern images back. The fold the thin inner line forward to create the front of the card. The card should look like this when folded correctly….

STEP 4: Give your cards to your favorite ghosts and goblins.

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What are your favorite Halloween crafts or activities to do as a family?

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