Essentials for Potty Training

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There are a ton of potty training products that might look flashy and pretty but what do you really need? I’ve potty trained 4 boys and have tried numerous products and this is what I’ve found to be the most useful.

A Potty Insert and/or Small Potty

Potty Inserts are great for kids that want to sit on the big potty but are a little unstable sitting on the toilet. Toilet seats are designed for much bigger bums so a lot of little kids just fall right into the toilet. The potty insert allows kids to feel secure while sitting on the big toilet.

Small Potties are great because they give kids easy access to the potty. They typically don’t need any help getting on or off of the little potty. The major downside of the small potty is you have to clean it out.

Some people use both or neither. I found that my boys typically preferred the potty insert but I know plenty of kids you preferred small potties to start with.

A Stool

Whether your child needs the stool to get on and off of the potty or to reach the sink to wash their hands a stool in the bathroom is a must. Make sure you get a stable stool that won’t tip over when a child steps on the end. It also allows you a place to sit while you’re waiting or them to finish their business.

Some potty training seats have attachable stools built-in to make using the potty safe and comfortable for little ones.

Big Kid Underwear

This is pretty obvious but realize that you can use big kid underwear as an incentive for using the potty. Allowing a child to pick out a fun print on underwear is a great way to motivate them to use the potty.

Books About Using the Potty

Talking up the potty is one of the keys to a successful potty training experience. Reading books about potty training helps kids to visually see what they need to be doing and that other kids do the same thing. Books make the experience fun and less scary. Here are a few of my favorite potty training books.

Wet Bag

Your little one will most likely have accidents while you are away from home. Being prepared is important which is why I always keep a change of clothes in the car or in my bag (including underwear). I use the wet bag to store the wet/dirty underwear and clothes until we get home. Just remember to bring your wet bag inside and wash the soiled clothes… because it gets funky real quick. Trust me!


A lot o people use reward charts and/or rewards to help potty train. I’ve found success with these on occasion. Some children are happy with getting a sticker for their chart and others like a little piece of candy. Again, find out what works best for your child. I like a sticker chart where they get a small prize once they have filled up the chart.

There are a lot of other products you can buy but I think these are the most useful. And in all honesty, you can potty train your child without any special products, sometimes specialty products just make it a little bit easier.


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