Let’s Talk About Rugs


The majority of living space in our new house has wood (laminate) floors, so we are in the market for a few rugs.

Now I would love to buy all vintage or handmade rugs from around the world. Like this beautiful Turkish Rug from Loom + Kiln. (Or Pretty much anything they sell.)

At $1,178 it’s a little beyond our budget. We’re on more of a discount budget so I’ve been looking at retailers like Target, World Market, Wayfair, Amazon and RugsUSA. I’ve found a few decent rugs that I might get and I thought I’d share and maybe you guys can weigh in on which you like best.

nuLoom Grey Moroccan Blythe Rug – Amazon

Threshold Tufted Persian Charcoal Heather – Target

Ivory Diamond Tufted Wool Kelsey Area Rug – World Market

Temptation Traditional Totem Rug – RugsUSA

Fields Pink Area Rug – Wayfair

Also, I really like this runner…

Aztec Fleece Runner – Target

I already bought this runner and I really wish the rug wasn’t sold out.

Pink and Gray Vintage Wool Rug – Target

As you can tell I really like the more geometric prints. I like something unique but subtle. I like colors but muted if possible and worn but not overly distressed.

Which rugs are your favorite? What is your style?


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