House Update – The Rough Reality of the Rough In

So progress on the house has sort of dragged along rather slowly this past month. After the framing was complete the rough in (wiring, HVAC, plumbing) was only supposed to take about 2 weeks. But alas, in typical construction style it’s been about a month and it’s still not marked as being 100% complete.

They completed the gas lines, duct work, then wiring, then plumbing (in that order) and by all accounts everything looks read for insulation and drywall. I am, of course, not a contractor, but I would think things should be moving forward. We haven’t heard anything from the actual contractor about what we’re waiting on but I do see progress being made on the houses that are being built around ours. This week no one has worked on our house at all. (We drive by almost daily, just to see what’s going on)

Our original closing date was 2/1/18 but right now it looks like sometime after 3/5/18. That was the last date I saw on the client portal site we use to check on the status of house progress.

While I’m a little frustrated with the snails pace of work being done, I will commend all of the builders that the work being done looks very good. All of the individual contractors that have come in to do the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc… have done professional, detailed and timely work. I think the delay is with the scheduling and possible our water/sewer hook up. For over a month the “Up Next” category of work to be done listed on the client portal says Water/Sewer. And a large portion of our yard is still dug up with pipes and such exposed. Although, no one has said what is going on. I think this week we’ll inquire as to what is going on.

We are also a little bummed that they are building a house being us that essentially blocks our downtown view from every window in the house. We knew we might lose some of the view but it’s all gone. Joe was really bummed about it for awhile. We agreed to pay a hefty premium for our lot primarily because of the view. Hopefully, we can negotiate that down as I don’t really know what other factors would dictate them assigning our lot such a high premium.

Anyway, it’s been a frustrating month, but I wasn’t totally unprepared for these delays or set-backs. I am still very excited about our home and I know we made a good decision in our home (and lot) purchase. Sometimes what we expect isn’t what we get but I know it’s what we need.


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