Rules for living your best life


The world can seem a little cruel. Is there anything we can do to turn the tables in our favor? To draw a winning deck? Absolutely there is! In order to live your best life there is a simple set of rules to follow. Here are a few of those rules:

Establish Financial Independence

I know, right off the bat I’m hitting you with a big one. If you want to live your best life you have to be ready to work for it. The simple 9-5 job schedule we hear about in school is actually pretty unheard of. You might have to consider picking up some side work or finding alternate job positions to what would be considered normal for your career in order to accomplish your dreams.

For example, travel nurses make MUCH more money than the ones who work at the same hospital for each of their shifts. Travel nurses make above and beyond per hour plus they also have a stipend given to them for housing. Normal people would graduate from college and apply for the position closest to where they’re living. Not you! Look outside of the box, and consider a travel position to help you establish financial independence.

If you’re unable to find a designated travel position for the career that you’re interested in, then consider side work. Side work can be flipping your woodworking hobby for a little extra money, or you can take it as far as joining the national guard. Joining the military can help you establish financial independence by assisting with any of your student loan debt. Not only will the military give you the extra money to help you establish financial independence, but you can find yourself exploring a new city!

While some of the above options are not for anyone, my point is that you just have to get creative, work hard, and make it happen for yourself – no matter what your current life looks like!

Move to your dream city

You might find that your dream city turns out to be just another place on a list, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try. Downsize your belongings, pack up the stuff you can’t live without, and move. You don’t have to spend your life in the town you were raised in. You don’t even need to live in the same state! Moving to your dream city can be daunting, but you’re on a mission to live your best life, remember?

To take a little bit of stress off of deciding to make a big move you can hire a moving company to help you get it all done. Using a moving company, such as College Dudes Help U Move, gives you the headspace to focus on other things involved with the move. You can hire them for the packing, the heavy lifting, the transportation, or anything related to Charlotte furniture moving, as well.

Stay positive

A lot of our day-to-day perspective about how “great” our life is comes down to your mindset. Even in the hardest situations that may come your way, I can promise you that if you try to see the bright side – the light at the end of the tunnel – that you will be happier about the current situation and the outcome. Living your best life is not about your current situation, your past situations, or your future situations, but instead, it is about how you roll with the punches and what you do with the lemons that you’ve been given.

Your next move

What move are you taking next in order to start living your best life? Are you going to apply for jobs in your dream city, so that you can move there? Are you going to start driving for a delivery company on the weekends? It’s your move.

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