Holiday Cleaning Tips with Swiffer

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This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

holiday cleaning tips

The holidays can get a little messy. I know with all the holiday baking, guests, parties, wrapping presents and trimming the tree I do a LOT of extra cleaning in December.

I’m no Suzie Homemaker but I have a few tips to help get your through the busiest cleaning time of the year.

1. Delegate – Now that Jude is helping with chores I make a list of little things he can help me with like unloading the dishwasher, picking up toys or moving the laundry.

2. Make a List and Check it Twice – Santa is making his list and so am I. I love a good list and I really love being able to check things off of my list. I create a master plan of things that need to get done and then a small list of reasonable things that can get done today.

3. Work is short segments – I’ve found this to be very useful when cleaning with small children around. Don’t dedicated a huge chunk of your day to cleaning, instead set a timer for 15 minutes and clean your heart out. When the timer goes off you’re done. Spend time with your family and enjoy the holidays.

4. Work Smarter not Harder – Use products and tools that work harder like the SteamBoost Steam Mop from Swiffer. It helps you clean your floors with less work required from you… I’m all about doing less work around the holidays.

swiffer steam mop

Because I have 3 very messy little boys I typically I clean my floors several times a day. Sweep, mop. Sweep, mop, Sweep, mop. It gets old… fast. But what I really hate is having to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor. The dried, stuck on food under my 1 year old’s high chair is the worst. But I recently tried out the new SteamBoost Steam Mop from Swiffer and it was like magic. No hands and knees scrubbing required… the yucky food bits under the high chair came right up.

I really love that the SteamBoost works like a steam mop but still has the disposable pads of a Swiffer. You should see the floor pads after I finished mopping the kitchen floor, it’s NOT pretty.

The SteamBoost means I can spend less time cleaning and more time baking and eating holiday treats! Happy Holidays to me!

SwifferLogo-10-2-12This sponsored post was brought to you by Swiffer®. For a limited time, get a $15 prepaid card when you purchase a SteamBoost Steam Mop Starter Kit between 11/24/13 and 12/31/13. Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost™ combines a dirt-dissolving cleaning solution with the power of steam for a deep clean that gets messes mops can leave behind. Also be sure to like Swiffer on Facebook and follow @swiffer on Twitter.


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