Abel goes to the ER


Last Wednesday Abel decided to give Joe and I a bit of a scare. While Joe was upstairs working and I was in the bathroom he got under the kitchen sink (which was child proofed) and drank some Mr. Clean (which is one of the only non-natural cleaners we owned and was in the very back of the cabinet). Thankfully Jude was there to take it away from him pretty quickly but it was evident that he did in fact drink the cleaner.

So after reading the bottle and giving him some water (what the label suggested) we call the pediatrician. They suggested we take him to the ER, which we did. He threw up a little and then seemed mostly fine after that but not without giving us a scare.

They watched him for a few hours in the ER and then the doctors gave him the all clear to go home.

Photo Oct 11, 8 19 30 PM

Photo Oct 11, 7 19 25 PM


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