A New Season for Our Family

About 4 months ago God starting making big changes in our life. I think both Joe and I had felt a shift in our world even before that but things really started to happen about 4, maybe 5, months ago.

After a long process on interviews and long phone calls Joe quit the job he had been working for 8 year and stepped out in faith to take a job with people he’d never met in person.

A few weeks ago he started working a job that is 100% remote, meaning he works from home or anywhere he has internet access. This past month he’s had to travel away from our family several times while he learns the processes of the new company. Travel won’t be a regular part of his work but this transition period requires it.

I’m excited to see what new journey this holds for our family but if I’m honest this transition period is hard. We’re trying to figure out a new rhythm to life and be flexible when things change without any notice. But it is all very exciting. We are growing and learning. We’re more intentional about how we spend our time and it seems as though God is preparing our hearts for more. I’m not sure what that “more” is but we are excited to find out.

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Photo Sep 30, 8 30 07 PM Photo Sep 30, 8 33 11 PM Photo Sep 30, 8 34 33 PM Photo Sep 30, 8 36 29 PM Photo Sep 30, 8 37 26 PM Photo Sep 30, 8 40 10 PMPictures are from a recent family outing to the Raleigh Rose Garden.


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