Getting Ready for Summer Camp with Mabel’s Labels

We are officially on summer break here at the Lieb house. The boys finished school last week and now we’re preparing for all our fun summer adventures. This summer we have so many fun activities planned like vacation bible school, swim team, science camp, cub scouts and of course some fun camping adventures. To get prepared for our active summer I grabbed some of the new Camp Labels.

I’ve been using Mabel’s Labels for years they offer quality personalized labels that you can use for just about anything. They take great care in providing durable labels that are not only fun but extremely functional. This year they are offering 2 new camp theme labels, Day Camp Labels and Sleepaway Camp Labels. I ordered the Sleepaway Camp labels because our boys do a lot of camping and they really just loved the design.

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Now I have labels on all of their camping gear like back packs, flashlights, hiking boots, jackets, water bottles and much more.

The Sleepaway Camp Labels include:

  • 10 Personalized Name Stickers: 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4″ x 5/8″)
  • 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers: 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2″ x 5/16″)
  • 50 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels: 21mm x 10mm (13/16″ x 3/8″)
  • 8 Custom Shoe Stickers: 33mm (1.3″)
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags: 57mm x 32mm (2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″)

Mabel’s Labels also offers Custom Emergency Bracelets which are great for trips to amusements parks or field trips. The disposable bracelets are easily customized with vital information and contact details to help lessen the panic of being separated in a crowd. Plus, Mabel’s Labels donates a portion of all sales of this product to Autism Speaks, an organization that promotes research and awareness about autism.

Photo May 24, 2 07 48 PM

Buy: You can purchase Mabel’s Labels Camp labels online starting at $19.99.



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