Summer Bucket List – Raleigh, NC

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Summer Bucket List

This week is the final week of preschool for Noah and Simon. Jude will finish his school work shortly thereafter. That means it’s time to start planning our summer awesomeness. We already spend a ton of time outside or exploring new local parks but without the time constraints of school we’re free to roam as much as possible.

For my birthday my awesome in-laws bought me a membership to a local gym… with childcare. I’m beyond excited. Even though I’m very active with my boys there is only so much “exercise” I can fit in with 4 small kids in tow. Plus, I’m trying to spend a little time on myself this year. Get an hour or so all to myself sounds lovely even if I’m just walking on the treadmill. Although I do hope to try a few new classes and the pool. So a few days a week we’ll hit the gym but the rest of the days we need to explore.

I’ve compiled a 2016 summer buckets for our family. Some of the items on our bucket list are at home activities but most of them are destinations or outings.

In no particular order, our 2016 Summer Bucket List…

  • Go to the pool
  • Have a picnic
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Watch the planes take off at the airport
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Ride the Train at Pullen Park
  • Ride the Carousel at Chavis Park
  • Collect seashells on the beach
  • Visit the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk (Write words of encouragement at the park)
  • Mail a letter
  • Play family board game night
  • Family movie at home w/ popcorn
  • Visit the art museum park (Visit the hobbit house)
  • Bake something new
  • Visit the NC Aquarium
  • Visit the NC Zoo
  • Visit a new library
  • Visit Museum of Natural Science
  • Eat Lick’s Ice Cream
  • 5 ROAK (Random Acts of Kindness)
  • Pelican’s SnoBalls
  • Play at Kids Together Playground
  • Make edible necklaces
  • Make homemade popsicles

I may add to the list as I think of new ideas but I hope to share our adventures and repeatedly update this list throughout the summer.

I’ve also created a generic Summer Bucket List so you can plan some fun summer adventures of your own.

Color Version:


Download Summer Bucket List Color PDF

Black & White Version:Summer-Bucket-ListBW

Download Summer Bucket List B&W PDF

I added a few extra lines so you can add your own items to the list.

What are some items on your summer bucket list?


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