Baby Moon in Boone, NC


This past week, Joe and I went on a little trip to Boone, NC, for one final trip without a baby, a.k .a. “a babymoon.” We skipped Easter Sunday to head to the mountains with Krispy Kreme in hand! We arrived in Boone just a little before 1 pm and decided to get some lunch before we checked into the hotel. However, we forgot that most restaurants were closed on Easter Sunday. Finally, we found Macados and filled our stomachs. We eventually checked into the Best Western, where our room had a heart-shaped tub! We know it may be cheesy, but we decided to put one in our house if we had the money… it’s super relaxing! Then we headed out to explore the town and ate dinner at the Coyote Kitchen and Frozen Yogurt at TCBY while we planned our following day of adventures.

Monday after partaking of the make your own waffles in the hotel lobby we headed out for a full day of adventure in Boone and Blowing Rock. In the morning we visited a few stores in downtown Boone, got coffee at Espresso News, and ate lunch at Our Daily Bread before we headed off to Blowing Rock. Where we enjoyed the falling snow, ate Kilwin’s ice cream, visited a few local shops (including a cute yarn store!) before heading back to Boone. On our way back we stopped in a toys store and book store… in one of which I lost the necklace Joe gave me as a wedding gift! (We later visited and searched for it but with not luck!) For dinner our restaurant of choice was closed so we finally settled on Cafe Portofino (where Joe played one of his first shows many years ago!).
Tuesday we set off for more adventures after we check out of our hotel. We visited a few more stores, got coffee, ate lunch at Tupelos (formerly Angelica’s) and bought some cookies and break from Sticky Boy Break before heading out. We decided to take our time heading back to Raleigh and explore the beautiful NC coutryside. After consulting the map we thought Moravian Falls would be a good stop… since Moravians are pretty cool… at least we’d get some yummy cookies. However, ater aimlessly driving through the country we realized there were no actual Moravians in Moravain Falls and definetly no cookies. We did find a nice little gas station in Boomer, NC that had restrooms and sold sherbet push pops! What a find!

So we decided to explore the neighboring town of Wilkeboro where we visited an antique store and a few other downtown shops. Finally, we packed it in and headed home only to stop in Winston-Salem for dinner at the Village Tavern!

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