Top 10 Disney World Hacks For A Magical Vacation


Life hacks are tips, tricks, and advice that help us improve efficiency and manage our time. When it comes to Disney World, these hacks make a magical place even more enchanting. These ten Disney World hacks will make you feel like a VIP while navigating the park.

Disney vacations offer unforgettable memories for your family. However, you may face challenges during your Disney vacation, including long lines, tiring days, and endless crowds. Fortunately, we have some hacks to help you enjoy your Disney day.

Disney World Hacks

Disney World Hacks

1. Use A Travel Agent

My number one Disney World hack is to use a Travel Agent to book your vacation. Not only is it free to use a travel agent, but you also have a Disney expert on speed dial. They should be able to answer any question you have; if not, they have preferred access to Disney’s customer service to get you answers quickly. A travel agent can save you money and time and can relieve a lot of stress. A good agent will give you all the tips and tricks to help make sure you have a magical Disney vacation.

Pro Planning Tip: We recommend using Jessica Lieb with ET Family Travel to book your Disney vacation!

2. Book A Hotel On Property

Staying at a Disney World Resort can be an added expense, especially if you are on a budget, but I fully believe it is worth the extra cost. Plenty of value resorts offer reasonably priced rooms but give you all the benefits of staying on-site. When you stay on-site, you are immersed in the Disney magic. You can access free transportation throughout the park, get early park entry, and book your advanced dining reservation for your stay.

3. Download and Use the My Disney Experience App

It’s essential to download and learn to use the My Disney Experience app. The app allows you to unlock your hotel room, link your park tickets, navigate the parks, order food on your mobile device, book Genie+ and Lightning Lane reservations, and so much more. Knowing the ins and outs of the app will make your trip go more smoothly.

4. Make Advanced Dining Reservations

If you wish to eat at a sit-down, table-service restaurant during your vacation, you must make Advanced Dining Reservations. Guests staying at a Disney Resort Hotel can make reservations for their entire stay (up to a 10-night stay) up to 60 days before arrival! Guests not staying at a Disney World hotel can only make one day of reservations 60 days in advance. If you book through a travel agent they will wake up to make your Dining reservations at 6 am!

5. Save Money on Character Meals

Character meals are great for meeting characters without standing in line or booking Genie+. However, character dining is expensive since you pay for the food and the experience. Booking a breakfast reservation is a great way to save a little money on your character meal. Character meal breakfasts are less expensive than lunch or dinner.

6. Bring a Portable Phone Charger

You will be using your phone a lot. Especially when booking Lightning Lane, taking pictures, and mobile ordering food all day. I highly recommend bringing a portable charger for your phone. If you plan to stay in the park, from rope drop to fireworks, you must charge your phone at least once.

7. Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Do not buy bottled water in the park. It’s wildly expensive and a horrible use of your money. That’s why I recommend bringing your own water bottle into the park. I realize that Florida water has a particular taste that isn’t palatable for most people. You can purchase a case of bottled water from Garden Grocer, or you can bring a water filter water bottle.

8. Plan a Rest Day

A full day at Disney World is exhausting. If you plan to visit all four parks, I recommend planning a rest day during the middle of your trip. Your body will appreciate the rest. On a rest day, you can sleep in and enjoy your hotel amenities, like the pool. plan a character meal or do some shopping at Disney Springs. Your family will be ready for more Disney adventures after you have spent the day relaxing.

9. Celebrate A Special Occasion

If traveling near a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, “celebrate” at Disney World. Let your travel agent know what you are celebrating, and they can note it in your reservation. Also, stop by guest services in the park to pick a free celebration pin. Wear your pin throughout the day; cast members will congratulate you on your celebration, and you may even find a little pixie dust. (Pixie dust is not guaranteed!)

10. Wake Up Early

I know you’re on vacation and want to relax, but a Disney vacation is not relaxing. It’s an adventure and exploration vacation. Waking up early allows you to book your Genie+ and Lightning Lanes and get to the park early. The parks are the least busy during the early morning hours. You can accomplish a lot in the first 2 hours the parks are open. Save sleeping in for your rest day!

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