Green Acres of Cary, North Carolina

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We spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Green Acres of Cary. While the weather was a bit on the warm side, it was still a perfect fall afternoon with my family. Green Acres has a huge corn maze, hay ride, pumpkin patch, and other family fun activities every fall.

Jude navigated us through the 1.5-mile corn maze with his flag. We followed his lead, and even though we didn’t find all the markers, he led us right out of the maze in record time. After our hot hike through the corn maze, we stopped to get ice cream and drink before exploring the bounce houses, hay tunnel, sand pit, and tractors. 

Next, we were pretty exhausted, so we enjoyed the relaxing Hay Ride around the farm property. It was truly a beautiful day. Finally, we browsed the pumpkins before heading out. We didn’t get a pumpkin because someone grabbed the one we wanted right before we got to it; Joe was heartbroken.

Ultimately, we had a fabulous day, and Jude fell asleep on the way home.

If you’re looking for a fun family afternoon, I highly suggest taking your family to Green Acres of Cary. It’s a family-owned, working farm that has a ton of fun for kids of all ages. 

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