Rolling with the Punches







Every year about this time (a few weeks before Christmas) I remember that my in-laws favorite Christmas gift is pictures of the boys. So I pull out my beloved, yet underused, Canon and we head to our favorite photo spot. I don’t really know what I’m doing behind the camera, I’m just learning as a I go.

In the past I had all these great posed photo ideas but totally forgot who my subjects were… my own kids. So this year the only plan I had was to follow the boys around and take pictures of them doing what they do. With Joe’s help, I was able to get them to at least sit in the vicinity of Abel and we got some pretty great and authentic pictures.

I’m learning to just roll with the punches when it comes to mothering these boys. I can’t keep them contained long enough to get perfectly posed pictures, likewise I can’t control every aspect of their lives. But I can guide them in the right direction. Every time I look at these pictures I’m reminded about how beautifully messy life is. How important it is for me to let them be who they are uniquely designed to be all the while being present. Being a great mother doesn’t always require wise words or amazing activities. Sometimes just being there, in the moment with them, is enough.



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