We aren’t eating Turkey for Thanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving is very different for a lot of families this year. Like many of you, we aren’t traveling or spending Thanksgiving day with our extended family. Typically, our family joins together and each person brings a side dish or two and we have a large Thanksgiving meal with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and anyone else that happens to show up. But this year everyone is doing their own thing due to Covid.

So, this year our family is making a lasagna. I know it’s not traditional turkey and stuffing but to be honest my family doesn’t really care for most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods. We’ll eat them when we attend the large family gathering but I’m not going to go out of my way to make a meal that most of my family doesn’t really care about.Therefore, we’re making lasagna.

The kids requested lasagna, garlic bread and apple pie, so that’s what we’re having. We will still go around the table sharing the things we are thankful for and probably go on our traditional Thanksgiving day hike (if the weather cooperates), but we’re going to skip the turkey this year.

The tradition of eating a turkey and all the appropriate sides isn’t the most valuable part of Thanksgiving. What I’ve always loved about Thanksgiving is spending time with my family, sharing what I’m thankful for and resting. And even though I don’t get to spend time with my extended family, I’ll still be with the ones I love. We will also share what we are grateful for and get plenty of rest.

Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey, football, cooking, Christmas shopping or even our American history. It’s a day to slow down, reflect upon our lives and give thanks for all the great things that bless us. Even though 2020 has been full of challenges, disappointments and sadness, I know there are things that each of us can find to be thankful for.

It’s OK to skip the turkey this year, but don’t skip the thanksgiving.


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