Summer is almost over….

I love summer, I don’t always love when it’s a heat index of 115 outside but I love warm summer days spent at the pool. So I’m a little sad that summer is almost over for my oldest 2. They start school on Monday, July 31st. I know it seems really early to start school but they are at a year-round school. We’ve never done year-round school but everyone I know that does it loves it. This is also our first year with public school. I’m bother excited and nervous for my boys. I know they will do fine but sometimes change can be difficult so I’m praying they have an easy transition. Tomorrow we go meet their teachers so I’m hoping that will help ease everyone’s (mostly mine) nerves.

But for now we have a few days left of our official summer so we’re making the most of it with lots of trips to the pool, hanging out with friends and relaxing.I’m excited for them to start this new chapter of school I just don’t know if I’m ready for summer to be over.

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