The Move Was a SUCCESS!

Saturday we had a host of family and friends aid us in our move. I have to say we have some pretty awesome friends! (I did more supervising than moving… ya know since I’m like 8 months pregnant and all.)
So the place is a still a big mess but I thought I would show you what moving looks like. 
Here are some pictures of our new place….
Our Master Bedroom – complete with piles of laundry to be folded.

 Master Bath – 1st one we’ve ever had.

Baby 2 Room – This will become the nursery but for now it is the place where boxes live. (and my $20 glider!)

Jude’s Room – Star Wars of course!

Hall Bathroom – Note the potty seat on the floor. (Elmo!)
The Den – fireplace + darkest room in the house = perfect for watching movies.
Play Room – I foresee many Play Dates in our future.
Dining Room turned Office
Kitchen – Nothing Fancy but way bigger than my previous kitchen.

That’s pretty much the tour. (Except for the outside – we do have a pretty awesome screened porch but it’s completely full of empty boxes at the moment.)

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll get an update with rooms that are nicely organized and unpacked.

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