Abel James – 2 Months Old

Chubby Abel 2months

He still seems like a brand new baby but when I count the weeks and compare his newborn clothes to his hefty 3-6 month clothes, I realize how much time has really passed.

Abel is a healthy and happy little boy and our family so blessed to have him.

At his most recent check-up he weighed in at 14lbs. I don’t remember what is length was but he was in the 95th percentile. So, needless to say he’s eating and growing well.

Just within the past few weeks he’s started to coo, and smile and laugh. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Of course, he loves to be held but he wants to be upright and facing outward. (he wants in on all the commotion his brothers are causing) He’s sleeping pretty normal for a baby. We are a co-sleeping/bed-sharing family so I don’t really keep track of how often he wakes or eats unless it’s abnormal… and so far he’s been pretty normal. I’m guessing most nights he sleeps about 5 hours straight at max. And usually he falls back asleep fairly quickly after he eats again.

He really loves his big brother Noah, mostly because Noah really loves him and gives him loads of attention. He’s also started to grab my hair, which is a reminder as to why I always get my hair cut after a baby.

The boys call him Baby Abel James. I call him monkey or Babe-el.


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