Dreams for my Family


I think it’s important to have dreams. Dreams give us hope. And I have so many dreams for my family. Dreams for my boys and how they will grow and becoming strong men of God. Dreams for the people our family will bless. Dreams for the days ahead that we can spend together.

Some of my dreams are life-changing and epic while other are superficial and fun. Most recently I’ve been dreaming about our family dynamic and our lifestyle. When Joe and I started our family I had a vision of the “perfect American family” – A nice house, a safe neighborhood, a good job, perfect children, yearly vacations, a 401K, etc… But now as our family is growing I’m learning that our ideals don’t align with my vision of the “perfect American family”.

I would love for our life to be centered around our family… not around our jobs, our mortgage, or extra-curricular activities or our obligations but around each other. I want to simplify our life.

Recently, I’ve been fascinated by families that permanently live on the road… RV Life. I don’t think that lifestyle would fit our family right now but I like the mentality of less stuff and more experiences.

I’ve been talking with Joe about how we can change our lifestyle to better fit with our ideals. I’m pretty sure most people look back on their lives and wish they’d spent more time with their loved ones and spent less time acquiring stuff. I know we have to work hard and support our families but it doesn’t always have to mean keeping up with the Jones’… Joneses, Jones… (I’m not sure the correct pluralization there.).

Maybe one day we will embark upon a new RV Life journey but until then I want to start to simplify our lives.

[There are some rad families that RV Full time (or spent an extended amount of time on the road) and blog about it. Check them out…. Newschool Nomads, The Light Life Blog, Kellogg Show, Ditching Suburbia, Inspiration Station]

Do you think you could Full-time RV with your family?


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