#ReliefIsHere so my husband could meet his new son.

Today our sweet new boy is 4 weeks old. It seems so long ago that we were anxiously awaiting his arrival.

It was the day before Abel was born Joe became terribly ill. He had a fever, aches and cold-like symptoms. I just knew I was going to go into labor soon and I feared Joe not being allowed into the delivery room because he was sick. So we turned to Vicks NyQuil Severe for fast acting relief.

The slow contractions started that evening and by midday on the following day labor had started. Thankfully the NyQuil Severe did it’s job and Joe not only awoke with no fever but with very mild cold symptoms.  At 7pm that evening as I was admitted to the hospital ready to deliver this baby and I was beyond happy that Joe was allowed to be by my side the through the entire evening. They did require him to wear a mask since he had previously been sick.

Dada and Abel

Abel was born at 10:02pm and thanks to Vicks NyQuil Severe Joe was the first person to great Abel as he entered this world.

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