Abel and Simon

Life has been throwing us all sorts of curve balls lately. Not only are we adjusting to life with a new baby but things are just plum crazy around here.

Let’s review all that has happened since Abel was born. (5 weeks ago)

  • Flat tire on the van
  • Joe sick with an upper respiratory infection and bruised ribs
  • 2 weeks of snow days
  • 2 days with no power
  • Installed new dishwasher
  • Family visited from out of town
  • Starter on the car died – replaced the starter
  • Dryer broke- bought a new dryer
  • I had strep throat
  • Simon learned how to climb out of his crib

That’s just the big stuff… This doesn’t include the 3+ weeks I pumped and bottle fed Abel until he figured out this breastfeeding thing (which by the way he’s a champ at now!)

Abel still sleeps like a newborn and the toddlers still wake up at 6am so needless to say I am exhausted. I told Joe I feel like we’re in survival mode right now. I heard that the transition from 3 to 4 kids was easy but this is a tough one for me. I think the fact that I’ve had 3 babies in the last 4 years might attribute to my constant state of exhaustion.

I’m tired and it’s OK. I already feel like I’m starting to come out of a fog. Maybe it’s because the snow has melted and the sun is shining but I’m excited about what this year holds for our family. We don’t have any big plans and I’m OK with that… staying home with my family is a big enough adventure most days.



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