Blue State Red State Coffee Review

Who knew coffee could be so political?  Well, Blue State Red State is a coffee brand that allows you to give back to society and express yourself with every purchase. They offer 3 different brands, each of which donate proceeds of the profit to the corresponding political group.

The Red State Red brand donates 33% of profits to support Republican causes. Blue State Blue brand donates 33% of profits to support Democratic causes. And, the Blue State Red State brand donates 33% of profits to non-profit organizations. Blue State Red State has partnered with Larry’s Beans to offer you Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Organic coffee.
We were sent the Blue State Red State brand, Ramparts Roast which is a stronger blend – robust, deep and bold with a delightful smoky accent. Since Joe is the coffee expert here is his opinion:

Blue State Red State is a pretty neat idea, especially since people are more prone to buy stuff than to just hand out money.  The Rampart Roast is a very robust coffee, quite good at waking you up in the morning, and is also fair trade and organic.  I also like that profits from this particular blend go to non-partisan charities, since Republicans and Democrats may quite possibly have enough money already.

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I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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