Reflecting on Christmas Present


It’s been a dark and dreary couple of days here in NC. Yesterday was down right foggy, which pretty much sums up how I’ve felt this whole month. I enjoy Christmas time especially the joy it brings to my children but this year has been tough. God has brought us through a tough year and while I’m extremely grateful for His mercy and grace during this season, I have great anticipation for the new year. I’m just ready for 2014 to be over. Maybe my malaise is due to end-of-pregnancy exhaustion or the final stages of the cold our family has been passing around but all-in-all I’m hopefully for the New Year.

2015 will literally be a new beginning for us as we welcome baby boy 4, hopefully sooner than later, into our family. Up until recently I haven’t given much consideration to how this new little life will impact our family dynamic. I know there will be a transitional period everyone will go through but overall I’m extremely excited about our growing family.

As a young girl I always wanted a large family but then I got older and reality set it so I assumed I’d have 2 kids and a dog but God had other plans and I’m glad he did. Even though we didn’t “plan”on having a “large” (I use large as a relative term) family I can’t imagine it any other way, even on the hard days.

This Christmas may not be the magical holiday I would have ideally planned but I am going to make sure I take the time to enjoy every moment.


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