Reaching Childhood Milestones with VTech


One thing I love about VTech Toys is the care they take when developing toys for young children. Having three young boys with one on the way, we have accumulated a lot of toys over the years. It’s always interesting to see which toys each boy prefers; this is largely due to their level of development and their preferred interests. I’m learning that because my son loves dinosaurs, not all dinosaur toys are appropriate for his age and skill level.


Each child develops in their own unique way, and how they interact and play with their toys is relative to their development. VTech works closely with a group of children’s learning experts on developing their infant and preschool learning products. Insights from these experts provide parents with the information needed to understand their child’s development so they can choose appropriate games and toys.

The VTech Milestones resource is designed to give parents an insight into the 3 main areas of childhood development:

  1. Language and Cognitive
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Physical and Motor

The VTech Milestone site is a useful resource for parents to gain information on their child’s development and which VTech products best suit their needs.

Here is an example of the toys offered by VTech and their recommended age range based on developmental milestones.

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads
Ages 0-12 months

 Roll & Surprise Animal Train

Roll & Surprise Animal Train
Ages 6-36 months

Chomp and Count Dino

Chomp & Count Dino
Ages 12-36 months


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