A Wet n Wild Saturday at Emerald Pointe #WetnWildEP

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We took the boys to Wet-n-Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC, on Saturday. I grew up going to Emerald Pointe but hadn’t been in almost 20 years. It was the same as I remember; it was just a little updated. When we walked into the park, they played popular music during Joe and my childhood. It was a fun flashback to our childhood, except this time we had kids.

We had a private cabana that overlooked the wave pool, and the kids loved watching everyone cheer when the bell rang before a big wave.

Photo Jun 11, 11 50 16 AM

The boys spent a good bit of time reading the park map to find the best rides and areas to visit. Because our boys are still small, we stuck primarily to the kid-friendly areas like Happy Harbor and the Kiddie Wave Pool.

Simon loved the Happy Harbor Slides, probably because they had orange slides, his favorite color. Noah loved the geyser/volcano in the Kiddie Wave Pool. That boy is obsessed with all things volcanoes. Jude liked the Soak Zone because of the water-squirting guns. Joe and I took Jude on the more thrilling rides, such as Scooter Run and Serpentine Slide. And, of course, we had to take a trip down the Lazee River, my favorite. I think we all enjoyed the Leisure Lagoon. There was something for everyone, and we all had a great time.

We paused for lunch in our cabana and took full advantage of the services provided by the cabana, like a private locker, shaded table, and wait service for food and beverages.

Photo Jun 11, 11 50 20 AM
Photo Jun 11, 11 50 29 AM
Photo Jun 11, 11 50 33 AM
Photo Jun 11, 2 02 51 PM (1)

All the boys were exhausted but happy with our trip when we left. They were asking when we could come back again. Three of our four boys passed out before we even hit the interstate; that’s a sign they had a great time.

Photo Jun 11, 4 20 15 PM
Photo Jun 11, 4 30 10 PM
Photo Jun 11, 4 32 27 PM
Photo Jun 11, 6 05 11 PM

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