Baby 4 Gender Reveal: It’s A….

Baby 4

Yesterday we had our Anatomy Ultrasound. Jude has been very interested in Baby 4, especially the 1st ultrasound pictures that hand above my desk, so we thought he might enjoy attending the next ultrasound. We picked him up a little early from school while grandma watched the two littles.

Jude loved getting to see the baby and learn as the ultrasound technician identified all of the different parts of the baby. Baby 4 is healthy and growing right on schedule.

We decided to find out the gender of this baby and Jude was ecstatic to learn he is having another baby brother. He immediately named the baby Charles. Joe and I said we would take it into consideration.

Afterward we stopped at Goodberrys for a little celebratory ice cream where Jude announced to the world that his mama is having a baby boy.



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