Simon Edward – 1 month

Simon turned 1 month old yesterday. Can you believe it’s already been a month. In some ways he still feels so new but we’ve already been through so much this month, it’s been a long month.

Weight: 11lbs 4oz.
Height: 23inches

Clothing Size: 3mos – Mostly for length

Sleep: Simon sleeps a lot, but he’s starting to stay awake for longer periods of time. At night we usually all go to bed between 10 – 11pm. He usually wakes around 3 or 4am to eat and get a new diaper. Then wakes around 7ish. We co-sleep so I usually feel pretty well rested

Eating: Simon is exclusively breastfed and he is a champ. I feel like I’ve really come into my element with this breastfeeding thing but really it’s all Simon. Since day 1 he had it down pat. He latches on great and I’ve had very little pain. (Just a little in the beginning as we were establishing breastfeeding.) My main problem is a forceful letdown and leaking, I’ve had to use a lot of nursing pads. Thankfully, no mastitis this time. I will feed him anytime/anywhere. I have no shame about breastfeeding but I do try to be respectful of others around me.

Development: Simon has become more aware recently. I swear I’ve had a few smiles that weren’t gas related. He’s trying really hard to gain neck control. We haven’t done a lot of tummy time but he perks his head up when I put him upright. He’s also starting to coo and become more vocal. I love it!

Health: He is still recovering from RSV. We still use the aspirator several times a day but we are getting less and less snot each day. He still breaths a little heavy when he is sleeping but usually with a slight adjustment to his position it clears right up. He stopped coughing sometime last week which has given us great peace of mind. But we are still very attentive and aware of the sounds and type of breathing that comes from him.

Brothers: Both Jude and Noah are so proud of their baby brother. Jude introduces Simon to everyone he meets. He helps out by bringing me things for Simon but otherwise leaves him alone. Noah on the other hand is completely fascinated. When he wakes up the first thing he asks for is “BABY!” When Simon starts to cry he runs to his side and announces, “BABY, BABY, BABY!” just so we know the baby is crying. It’s freaking adorable. However, is a little too interactive. He doesn’t understand that he can’t pick up the baby or sit on the baby or poke the baby in the eye. He is genuinely trying to help and care for the baby.



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