Pregnancy Update: Wednesday Should be a Good Day


I have an induction scheduled for this coming Tuesday morning, election day.

So hopefully by Wednesday I will be holding my sweet little babe in my arms… and all the election campaigning will be over!

I went to my 41 week appointment this week, they did a non-stress test on baby 3 and he appears to be doing 100% fine so they are letting me go another week. However, they won’t let me go past 42 weeks so we have an induction scheduled for Tuesday. Ideally, I will go into labor naturally before then.

So far I’m 3 cm dilated and ready to go but baby hasn’t given my body the signal yet. I’ve had my membranes stripped twice but it didn’t help much. I have many contractions on a daily basis. Some are pretty strong and sometimes they are even consistent but they always die off.

In addition to all of the regular discomfort of being pregnant, including major lack of sleep, I’ve had both a stomach virus and a chest cold these last few weeks. Talk about hitting you when you’re down. Hopefully this chest cold will clear up soon and the baby will come before Tuesday.

So this time next week expect to see a lot of pictures of sweet baby 3.



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