My new favorite chocolate treat

It’s no secret that I love chocolate. You could cover anything in chocolate and I’d probably give it a try. However, I do have my favorite treats (all of which include chocolate) and peanuts covered in chocolate definitely makes my top 10. Currently I’m obsessed with dark chocolate covered peanuts from SunRidge Farms.

sunridgefarmsSunRidge Farms sent me their Organic Dark Chocolate Peanuts, All Natural Milk Chocolate Peanuts, and their All Natural Yogurt Peanut Clusters. Joe claimed the yogurt peanut clusters and I claimed with dark chocolate peanuts and we decided to share all with the kids.


SunRidge Farms is commented to promoting healthy consumer choices. They produce foods that are not highly processed, are ecologically friendly ingredients. SunRidge Farms takes their commitment to being a Green Business very seriously.

Solar – In 2012 they installed 2,500 solar panels which reduces approximately 1,315,000 lbs of Co2 Annually.

Biodiesel – They run a fleet of 17 biodiesel delivery trucks. Also their sales team uses low emission hybrid vehicles and staff are encourage to bike to work through a Bike to Work incentive program where employees are paid $5 a day to bike to work.

Recycling – They up-fitted an existing manufacturing plant rather than build new. They also recycle office supplies, manufacturing supplies as much as possible.

Donations – SunRidge Farms supports numerous charitable causes many of which benefit wildlife, the environment or local organizations.

I’m pretty impressed with all of the ways SunRidge Farms is committed to be a “green” company, plus their chocolate covered peanuts are divine!


SunRidge Farms provided me with a free sample of this product to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the company.


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