Paleo30 Day3 – Renaming and Such


So the Whole30 crowd wasn’t pleased with my Whole30 Meal plan, therefore I’ve renamed it Paleo30 because I don’t want there to be an confusion. Our family can’t do the true Whole30 diet because of dietary restrictions. The sole purpose of documenting our 30 day challenge is to encourage others to improve their health, you have to do what fits your family and your diet because if not it won’t work.

I’m all over the place with our Paleo30 meal plan. Dinners have pretty much stayed on track but breakfasts and lunches are all switched up. But at least we have a plan and because I have a plan I have the appropriate foods within reach to make something healthy to eat.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 10.47.00 AM

Yesterday was crazy busy, I think I spent more time in the car than not. I honestly don’t remember what I had for breakfast it wasn’t anything fancy I know that. I think I ate a banana, part of a smoothie and maybe a handful of mixed nuts. All I know is when lunch time rolled around I was starving.

We had leftover chili for lunch and it was perfect for this freezing cold day.

Dinner went according to plan and I made some delicious Chicken Fajitas topped with guacamole and tomatoes.

chicken fajitasJoe made more chicken wings for an evening snack while we watched reruns of Psych on Netflix.


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