Whole30 – Day 1 & A Trip to the ER

Yesterday was our first official Whole30 challenge day and it went pretty well right up until dinner.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Blackberries & Green Juice.


According to my meal plan I was supposed to make chorizo & eggs but Joe requested Canadian bacon so I went with it.

Lunch: Blackened tilapia with a homemade kiwi, mango & pineapple salsa, green beans & pecans.


Joe wanted me to make the blackened tilapia a little spicier but otherwise the meal was a hit.
The boys ate leftover pizza instead of fish because they don’t really care for fish.

Snack: In the afternoon I had a handful of pecans, an apple and a cup of hot green tea.

Dinner: I cooked an awesome meal of chicken fajitas (no tortilla or cheese) and as I was preparing the guacamole I stabbed myself through the finger with the knife. So Joe and I took a trip to the ER where I got 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. My mom came over to watch the boys while we were at the hospital so they got to eat our yummy dinner. By the time I was discharged it was rather late and we were pretty hungry so we stopped a Bojangles, a very non-Paleo fast food joint. I figure a trip to the ER warrants a pass on dinner.


I was proud of myself for not eating any chocolate at all today which is a huge deal for me. Today I hope to not take a trip to the ER and continue on our Whole30 challenge, luckily yesterday afternoon I did a lot of prep work for today’s meals.

P.S. Typing with one hand is hard.


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