2 Paleo Meals from the Same Ingredients

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This weekend was a bit off. I’d planned on going grocery shopping on Saturday but with tornado warnings and bad storms I decided to stay home. So our meal planning got thrown off a bit and the pantry was pretty slim pickings. Thankfully Joe stepped up and made dinner for everyone since I was feeling a little under the weather. All I wanted to do was order a pizza and call it a night but Joe knew that wouldn’t actually make me feel any better. He’s such an awesome husband.

On Sunday the storm clouds cleared and I felt a lot better. We finally made it to the grocery store after church and with a full pantry my enthusiasm for meal prep had returned. While at the store I picked up a rotisserie chicken for a quick lunch.

For lunch I made warm chicken and sweet potato over spinach salad with pecans and goat cheese. It was light yet still filling. We shredded all the rotisserie chicken and I roasted extra sweet potatoes in preparation for dinner later that night.

warm chicken and sweet potato over spinach salad

For dinner I took the same main ingredients to make Against All Grain’s Leftover Roast Chicken Soup with Roasted Vegetables. I altered the recipe a little based on what I had available. (I just omitted the butternut squash.)

roasted chicken and sweet potato soupI really liked that I was able to prep for both meals in less than 30 minutes. One of the difficult things about eating “Real Food” and “Paleo” is you make almost everything from scratch with can be time consuming. As a busy mom I don’t always have the luxury of time so quick prep is must for our weekly meals.2 paleo meals from the same ingredients


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