I have a confessions to make…. I’m a crock pot addict.

I love my crock pot. It was one of the items on my wedding registry that I was SUPER excited to receive. Now I use it about once a week, which I thought was pretty hard-core until I discovered, A Year of Slow Cooking. In 2008, Stephanie decided to use her crock pot every-single-day for a whole year. Now THAT is hard core.
This is my crock pot and I love it!
Now I don’t plan on using my crock pot every single day for a year but I do hope to increase my crock pot usage drastically. I mean it’s such a great tool, especially for moms. 

So here is my meal plan for the next two week. (Notice the number of slow cooker meals!)

Monday – Potluck Beans for our weekly Bible Study potluck dinner. (crock pot)
Tuesday – Chicken Curry (crock pot)
Wednesday – Spaghetti
Thursday – Chicken Tacos (crock pot)
Friday – Pizza Night
Saturday – Burgers
Sunday – BBQ Pork (crock pot)

Monday – TBD
Tuesday – Chicken with Apricots and Dates (crock pot) 
Wednesday – Enchiladas
Thursday – Pork Chops (crock pot)
Friday – Pizza Night
Saturday – Black Bean Burritos

I have an empty spot for next Monday. If you have any great crock pot recipes let me know. I would usually make Ropa Veija in the crock pot but I think I want something different and new.

I will be posting the details of each of my crock pot adventures over the next two weeks so stay tuned.

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