Goodbye Weekends – I will miss you.

Yesterday, we found out that one of Joe’s co-workers will be out of work for a few weeks (months) and all the other employees will be picking up his shifts. This means that Joe will now be working 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday.  So for the next few weeks (hopefully no longer) we’ll be a one-day weekend family.

There are a few benefits from this inconvenience. First, Joe will be getting some mad overtime pay which will help us pay off some debt. Secondly, Since I know in advance I can plan accordingly. I don’t mind when I know Joe is going to be working extra long hours, it’s the last minute stuff that drives me nuts. I plan extra fun things for Jude and I when Joe is working long hours so we don’t dwell too much on the fact that he’s not there.

Finally, we were fortunate enough to get a three day weekend last week so we are well rested for a few weeks with 1 day weekends. Last weekend was the 4th of July and like many people Joe had the 5th off. We didn’t do much of anything for the 4th but on the 5th we took a mini day trip to Durham, NC (which is all of 25 minutes away from our house.) We spent a few hours at the NC Museum of Life Science (we saw the bears swimming), ate lunch at Parker and Otis (for the first time) and shopped in a record store. It was a fun adventure but not exhausting like some trips can be. (See pictures below.)
So I’m starting to plan for the next few Saturdays some fun things for Jude and I. If you have any ideas of fun stuff to do in or around Raleigh let me know.

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