Preschool Color Graph Game

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Free Color Graph Game Printables

Jude isn’t in preschool anymore but we still do fun educational games and worksheets to keep him busy. This week we are doing a NO TV challenge so it’s imperative I have fun activities planned for our afternoons. I created this color graph because I knew we could use it for many different projects.

The color graph helps teach color recognition, counting, grouping like items and more.

First I created a color graph printable that you can use for a variety of purposes. Get creative and let me know how you used the color graph.

Printable Color GraphThen I created a color dot printable as a fun game to use with the graph.

Printable Color DotsColor Dot Game Supplies

  1. Printable Color Graph
  2. Printable Color Dot
  3. Crayons – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple


  • Print off the 2 Color Graph Game Sheets and set out the appropriate crayons.
  • Count each color dot and fill in the graph using corresponding crayon color.

 Color Graph

Our printer is acting up so the colors are a little off but Jude figured it out.

Then we also used a color dice we had to play a similar and more active game to graph. Every time Jude threw the dice he charted which color it landed on. In the end I think blue won.



He really enjoyed the activity involved in this game but was also very meticulous about charting each throw.

I’d love to hear of creative ways you’ve use the Color Graph.


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