Simon Edward (9 months)

Simon9moSimon’s personality is starting to come alive. He’s sweet, curious and completely fascinated by his brothers. He puts up with a lot of “love” from his brothers, especially Noah who likes to make Simon cry for the sole purpose of comforting him. Even though Simon can’t defend himself yet I’m sure it won’t be long. He’s almost as big as Noah.

Stats from his doctor visit last week:

Length: 29 inches
Weight: 22lbs

Food: He’s still pretty much exclusively breastfed. He is exploring solid foods some baby foods, some regular food. At this point it’s just for discovery and less about eating. He likes feeding himself so I think we might skip most baby food and go straight to solids.

Teeth: He has 3 teeth (2 lower and 1 upper) and is working on at least 2 more.

Clothing: He is pretty much wearing 12-18 month clothing although he does have a few 18 month items that fit him pretty well.

On-the-move: He’s mastered crawling and is pretty quick. He can also pull himself to standing and is just starting to cruise although he’s not that confident.

Sleep: Simon still sleeps in our room simply because we have yet to bite the bullet at making Jude and Noah share a room. We have Simon’s crib set up in the corner of our room and he seems pretty content there. He takes 2 naps (1 morning, 1 afternoon) and sleeps “through-the-night”. He sleeps at least 6-7 hours straight which means he wakes around 3AM or 4AM sometimes to nurse. When he wakes we just put him in the bed with us to nurse and sometimes, if I’m awake enough, I put him back in his crib. On a few occasions he will sleep through the night completely waking around 6:30 AM. Honestly, I prefer when when he wakes around 3AM and I put him back, he sleeps longer in the morning. All around I’m pretty pleased with his sleep habits. He’s typically pretty easy to put down. I nurse him in the quiet of the room then put him down sleepy but not yet asleep. When I place him in the crib he rolls over, cuddles his blanket and falls asleep. He doesn’t often cry unless he’s overtired or has gas in his belly.

Play: He’s in full out discovery mode. He crawls all around and under furniture checking out every little nook and cranny. He also puts every in his mouth, so we’re very cautious about all the little things that litter our floor.

Overall he’s a very fun-loving little boy and I’m cherishing every little one-on-one moment I get with him.







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