Simon Edward – 3 Months

Simon is 3 months old and I really love this age.

simon 3mo4

He is discovering himself and the world around him and it’s fascinating to watch him grow.


Weight: 16.5 lbs

I’m getting ready to switch our his 3mo clothes for the 6mo lot. He so long all of his pants are too short.

He is still 100% breastfeed and he eats like a champ.

He sleeps with us and usually only wakes up once during the night to eat, sometimes twice but overall he’s a great sleeper. He takes about 3 naps a day, usually in the swing in our bedroom to keep him safe from the big boys and their shenanigans.

Simon can ROLL OVER – from his back to his belly. He’s not sure what to do once he gets there and he’s not too thrilled with being on his belly but he’s a rolly boy.

He has awesome head control and enjoys spending time in the Bumbo (properly place on the floor I might add)


He has a beautiful smile and contagious laugh. I am absolutely smitten when he initiates a smile toward me, smitten I tell you, smitten.

He loves his big brothers, they make him laugh all the time… they also make him cry when they get a little too rough with him.

Simon is such a sweet boy and I love him dearly.


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