A Preschool Graduate

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Simon graduated from preschool last week. He had such a great year at preschool and even though every morning he complained that he didn’t want to go to school he loved every day and was such a great student. I registered him for Kindergarten at the same school that Jude and Noah attend. We’ve already attended a Kindergarten registration and he keeps asking if he can start school yet. I think he’s excited to be going to the same school as his brothers.

During the graduation ceremony some of the other parents were getting a little weepy watching all of the sweet productions but I don’t really feel sentimental about the ceremony. I was sentimental when I saw the comparision of his first and last week of school. Look how much he’s grown and I didn’t even notice until I saw this picture. That is what got me. I see my kids every day but I don’t often notice how quickly they are growing. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

One of the reasons I like social media (Blogging, Facebook, Instagram) is that it’s an easy way for me to document the growth of our family. I can easily look back through my blog posts to see when Jude graduated preschool. I can see how far we’ve come and how much we’ve all changed. It’s bittersweet really but I love it.


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