I Linger a Little Bit Longer

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Each night I stand beside the crib holding a sleepy boy in my arms.
As his head rests on my shoulder I sway to the lull of his slow steady breathing.
I know these moments will soon pass away as he grows into a busy little boy
He will probably be my last baby and I think about that every time I nurse him,
every time I cuddle him,
every diaper I change
and every good night kiss I place on the back of his soft neck.
“Don’t grow up too quickly little babe.” I whisper into his ear as he drifts off to sleep.
He’s starting to nurse a little longer at night.
He snuggles deeper into my chest and reaches his hand up to hold on to me.
I think we both know this season is drawing close to it’s end and neither of us are quite ready.
So I linger a little bit longer every night.
Just to breathe in his sweet baby smell, of Cheerios and applesauce and baby wipe freshness.
I rest my head upon his tiny head which is resting on my shoulder.
We rock and we sway together, enjoying the quiet of the night.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath, hoping to ingrain this moment in my memory forever.
I never want to forget this moment.
So I linger a little bit longer.


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