We are food snobs and I’m OK with it.

Joe and I have a serious problem… we are food snobs. Both of us grew up eating typical American family foods like hot dogs, potato chips, ice cream sandwiches, candy, AKA packaged food riddled with artificial flavors and preservatives. Since we’ve been married we’ve done a lot of research on how all that fake stuff effects our bodies so we’ve adjusted our diet. We cook a lot of things from scratch and once you go scratch you can never go back.

Seriously, once you’ve tasted food made with quality, fresh ingredients all other foods pale in comparison. We prepare about 90% of our meals at home using fresh, quality ingredients but quality food comes with a quality price. We drive past several grocery stores to get to a decent store and sometimes pay more because sub-par food will not do. This does not bode well for our budget but we still try very hard to stick to a budget and make compromises whenever possible. We make it work because in the long run we feel it’s worth spending a little more to take proper care of our bodies.

Today I wasn’t feeling well but we desperately needed groceries so I decided give the grocery store down the street another shot. (Even though Joe warned me not to.) Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with the meat selection and even more disappointed with the prices. I don’t mind spending a little more for quality products but paying more for food that doesn’t meet my standards really pisses me off. So we blew over 1/2 of our budget on less than 1/3 of what I usually buy.

I’m writing about today’s experience as a warning to my future self.

Dear Future Self,

I know you are tired and there is a lovely looking grocery store just down the road but don’t do it. You will be disappointed and leave feeling frustrated and ripped off. Save your sanity and drive a little further to a decent store where you will feel good about your shopping experience afterward. Trust me you will appreciate taking your own advice.


Your Frustrated Self in the Past


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