Patch Products Educational Toy Review


Jude loves school because there are always projects to be done and games to be played. Since he’s been out of school for the summer I’ve struggled to keep him entertained, especially during the little boy’s nap time. We try to limit the amount of time our boys spend in front of a screen so I’m always search for new games we can play. Patch Products sent me 2 of their education games for Jude to test: Go Oink! and Go Ape!.





Go Oink! is similar to the traditional game of Go Fish except instead of using regular playing cards they have created fun picture cards featuring animals. The goal is to get 3 of the same kind of animal but instead of just asking for the animal by name you make the sound of the animal. It really is a fun and silly game, especially as you try to decipher what animal sound your 5 year old is trying to make. Jude did have a little trouble holding all of his cards in his hand so we altered the rules a bit so he could lay them all out on the floor.

Go Ape

Go Ape! is just like Go Oink! except instead of making animal sounds you make gestures without making a sound or talking.

Both Go Oink! and Go Ape! come in very cute plastic containers, the packaging isn’t a part of the game it’s jut a fun way to store the cards. I think both games are a great way to teach kids about animals, body movement, matching, game play, and are definitely a lot of fun. Educational games from Patch are a great way to keep kids entertained and their little minds sharp during summer break.



Patch Products didn’t leave out the little boys either, they sent their new Mirari myPad which looks like a tablet but made just for little hands. The myPad features 20 colorful light up images that look like app icons and 40 educational sounds and phrases. All 3 of my boys loved playing with the myPad since it looks so much like a tablet. There are only 5 actual buttons you can press (4 arrows and 1 select) they are used to navigate which image is selected on the screen so it teaches directions and motor skills. I really appreciate that there is a volume button the side because the loud setting is really loud but the quiet setting is acceptable.

Disclosure: I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion thanks to Patch Products. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.


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